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    NOVEMBER 5, 2020



    Art This Way is the newest children’s book by me & Jason made in partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art & Phaidon. It features 8 artworks from the Whitney's collection. Each spread focuses on a way of looking at art.

    JOIN US at the WHITNEY
    Nov. 9 from 10:30am to 3pm

    * museum admission required *

    Drop in/out Open Studio, made for kids, but adults are welcome. Make a 6-sided craft project inspired by the artist Marisol.

    2 NYC Art Recommendations

    Queens Museum has original drawings by Rube Goldberg & Foolish Questions.

    The Pencil is a Key at the Drawing Center takes a wide view of prison art.

    ASG Book Club

    New printable Activity Kit for Book Clubs to use with my book Arbitrary Stupid Goal – Includes: Discussion questions, Crossword puzzle, Recipe, &  Napkin origami.


    EATER Book Club:ASG Nov 19.

    * ticket required *

    Eater has picked ASG to re-launch their book club & are having an event November 19 in Chinatown hosted by Sonia Chopra.


    The Whitney asked me to remix Experimental Jetset’s responsive "W" logo with NYC. The drawings will be featured on T-shirts, pins, bandanas, etc. Available now, more items on the way. Big thanks to Lauri Freedman.


    I can die – I’ve designed a swizzle stick. It is also a bubble wand. You can get one free at The Hihi Room if you buy a drink. * opens mid-November *


    The ATW ound Game

    Sound Game is a website I made in the spirit of the early internet. Best if played one round at a time. Good for kids. Guesses have included: Robot Walking – Ping Pong Ball Dispenser – Carpet Stapler – Insects – Human Carnival – Chicken Crossing the Road – Episode of Soul Train – Bee in the Restaurant

    Click the drawings for photos