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    NOVEMBER 5, 2019



    Art This Way is the newest children’s book by me & Jason made in partnership with the Whitney Museum of American Art & Phaidon. It features 8 artworks from the Whitney's collection. Each spread focuses on a way of looking at art.

    JOIN US at the WHITNEY
    Nov. 9 from 10:30am to 3pm

    * museum admission required *

    Drop in/out Open Studio, made for kids, but adults are welcome. Make a 6-sided craft project inspired by the artist Marisol.

    2 NYC Art Recommendations

    Queens Museum has original drawings by Rube Goldberg & Foolish Questions.

    The Pencil is a Key at the Drawing Center takes a wide view of prison art.

    ASG Book Club

    New printable Activity Kit for Book Clubs to use with my book Arbitrary Stupid Goal – Includes: Discussion questions, Crossword puzzle, Recipe, &  Napkin origami.


    EATER Book Club:ASG Nov 19.

    * ticket required *

    Eater has picked ASG to re-launch their book club & are having an event November 19 in Chinatown hosted by Sonia Chopra.


    The Whitney asked me to remix Experimental Jetset’s responsive "W" logo with NYC. The drawings will be featured on T-shirts, pins, bandanas, etc. Available now, more items on the way. Big thanks to Lauri Freedman.


    I can die – I’ve designed a swizzle stick. It is also a bubble wand. You can get one free at The Hihi Room if you buy a drink. * opens mid-November *


    The ATW ound Game

    Sound Game is a website I made in the spirit of the early internet. Best if played one round at a time. Good for kids. Guesses have included: Robot Walking – Ping Pong Ball Dispenser – Carpet Stapler – Insects – Human Carnival – Chicken Crossing the Road – Episode of Soul Train – Bee in the Restaurant

    Click the drawings for photos

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    Febuary 12, 2020

    Pretzel Print


    Selling a print of the pretzel spots I illustrated for the Thanksgiving 2019 issue of The New Yorker. Keegan Cooke (who's dad is @mrtwisterthepretzelguy) printed them. 12"x12" letterpressed & lovely for $50. To order click here.

    Sights N' Snacks Bangkok


    Excited to have a super-size travel cartoon in the second issue of Subsequence. A new magazine focused on folk arts & crafts from the clothing brand Visvim. Available at select newsstands. The cartoon is about Bangkok. Pro-tip: International postcard stamps are only 15 Baht in Thailand.



    Jason Fulford and I have been making photos for the Japanese company Postalco. They gave us lots of freedom, & Jason has taken beautiful photos. I have been scouting, styling and sometimes sporting their timeless products. We just shot another batch in the southwest–the new photos should appear on Postalco’s site and feed soon.

    Material World


    Another collaboration with Jason: We are illustrating a monthly column in The Atlantic magazine for author Amanda Mull, art directed by designer-pianist-writer: Peter Mendelsund & inspired by his keyword: simulacra.

    2 FILM Recommendations

    Both directed by Ken Loach:

    Kes 1969
    About a boy and a kestral.

    Black Jack 1979
    About a boy, a girl, and a giant.

    Color Factory


    Not new, but still open. I was given the blue room to illustrate/design for The Color Factory which opened Aug. 2018. Best described as "The perfect place to bring your nephew or niece visiting NYC from Atlanta."

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    March 27, 2020


    Shopsin's has been closed since March 13th - taking care & trying to flatten the curve. I would like to take this moment to say: ❶ I miss my father (always) and can only imagine what his wide R-rated take on COVID would be & how proud he would be of my brother Zack and sister Melinda. ❷ The new Essex Market (across the street from the old - now at 88 Essex) is the rarest bird. A real estate developer took a NYC treasure and made it BETTER. Shopsin’s was terrified to move, but we love the new market, as well as every vendor in it. Essex Market is open right now - with full shelves & hearts. We can’t wait to go back home, open up, and get cooking.

    OFFLINE ACTIVITES Available now


    Offline Activities is a new little book by Jason Fulford and me. It's designed like a coupon book, with tear-out pages full of fun & chance & mystery & quotes that form a reading list. Available at most booksellers off and online. Published by The Ice Plant.

    Almost everywhere that happiness exists, there is pleasure in nonsense.

    - Friedrich Nietzsche

    NYER Quarantine Culture Recommendations


    During NYC lockdown, I have been doing regular animated illustrations for the New Yorker – all art directed by the very gifted Sebit Min and riffs on keeping yourself entertained while stuck inside. The series is ongoing.

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    August 2, 2020



    Made some printable PDFs related to Covid-19. Please USE them or pass em on: Link to free PDFs here. Includes: signs for social distancing used at Essex Market, condolence cards for the many victims of Covid-19, a sign to thank your postal worker, and one to just vent.



    A simple way to show support for Joe Biden, please find your state bird and share. 51 birds, DC included, all hoping that the next president believes in science.



    We are open! Just 3 days a week & take out only. Been making signs, murals, contactless menus, mad-libs, and more for the store along side Zack, Melinda, Luke, & Chris. PROTIP: Shopsin’s is selling a dish towel based on my father’s graphic design opus (his menu) link here.

    Summer Spots


    Heads up I have the spots in next week’s New Yorker. Dated 8/17 - cuz that is how magazines roll. Spots are all riffs on surfing.

    An Offline Activity:


    Offline Activities (a newish book by me and Jason) is making its way through the world. Tosh Berman made a sweet funny video about it. If you want one -> please buy the book from The Ice Plant.

    Here is an offline activity to try at home:


    “Our eyes, for instance, originate in intrauterine darkness, and the light originates in the sun, yet see how they fit each other. They are evidently made for each other.”

    —William James

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