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Make your own Condolence Cards (free)→

Download these printable condolence cards made to fit in a regular business envelope.
2 versions - one in color that only needs to be cut down and folded - the other in B&W - made to be drawn on.

Color letter sized PDF

Black & White - Customizable letter sized PDF

Sign to encourage people to wear masks (free) →

Download this Spanish & English sign to nudge customers to cover their face.

Far out colors - letter sized scalable PDF (English & Spanish)

Black & White - letter sized scalable PDF (English & Spanish)

Inspirational sign/graphic for free →

Download this slogan for personal use be it hung on a fridge, stenciled on a T-shirt, or said under your breath every time you wash your hands.

DIE, COVID 19 SCUM - letter sized scalable PDF

* Please give credit if it makes sense & don't use to make $$ unless it is for charity.


Please download & print out these signs made for food stores but applicable to many uses:

Keep 6 FT Apart/Mantenga Una Distancia (spanish) signs – 3 page letter sized PDF

Below can be made with a paint stir stick as the sign post:

Step Back/ Retroceda – made to be posted at a register - 2 page letter sized PDF

Keep Distance /Mantenga Distancia reminder sign - 2 page letter sized PDF

USPS Thank You sign for free →

Download & print out this letter sized PDF & tape it near your mail box to thank your mail carrier in these crazy covid days.

Pretzel prints for sale →

Letterpressed by The Circadian Press.
Heavy 100% cotton paper 12” x 12”.
Signed on the front & dated on the back.


Note: Orders will be shipped by Sacred Bones Records.

Questions? Email The Circadian Press.